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Iker Gil,
Mateu Baylina,
Robert Casasús

Iker Gil,
Mateu Baylina,
Robert Casasús,
André Corrêa,
Joshua Cooper

Location: Cerdanyola del Valles, Barcelona

Bird's eye

Bird’s eye


This project was a competition entry into the the 2011 Europan competition. The solution comprises of an organizational system which generates varied conditions within the public/private spectrum and a volumetric system which generate varied conditions in the “figure-ground” relationship.

The volume of the system utilizes folds to create a unique identity and to establish a variable relationship to the sloped topography of the site. The shift in the site’s topography and the architecture’s geometry creates a duplicity in the projects elevations: ground floors become roofs, roofs become hills, etc.

The combination of the system, volume and topography generates a multiplicity of relationships between private/public/residential/office/floor/roof and etc. which inform the overall concept of the project.