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Professor: Elva Rubio

André Corrêa,
Michael Pecirno,
Peter Lukacs,
Theo Ghita,
Maksim Charapakha

Title: Midwest to Nowhere
Site: Indianapolis, IN


This studio sought to explore new approaches to urbanism as informed by the Midwest culture.

Midwest research showed a predominant reliance on the automobile both for travel and as a cultural driver.

Indianapolis research showed the predominant reliance on sports and its concomitant events as major economic drivers.

Site research showed extreme fluctuation of occupation based on event and non-event days.

As a response, we take the formal implication of the car (the ramp) and utilize it to create a landscape that lifts to accommodate daily occupation on the ground level while providing public space at the roof level. Emphasis is also placed on the transformative nature of the roof, which is designed to create event opportunities as well as to support existing event infrastructure.