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Subversive Submersible

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Professor: Alexander Eisenschmidt

Team: André Corrêa,

Title: Casino
Site: Mobile, Lake Michigan - Chicago, IL

View from above

View from above


This studio sought to explore interior urbanism as an effect of mixing programs.

The goal was to design a casino that with an inter-mixed program from a secondary source; in this case- a board of trade.

The concept behind this solution was to internalize the project in its entirety and to express the exterior as an anti-monument- a literal hole in the water. The sunken “shed” becomes decorated in its signage. It is both a duck and a decorated shed.

Research was conducted in Las Vegas and translated into a book. The research served as basis for the space making within the casino.

A 1/4″ scale model was constructed in order to express the super-graphic imposition of the interior.