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No. 01 House

Type: , ,

Authors: Iker Gil
& Andrew Obendorf

Team: Iker Gil,
Andrew Obenforf,
& André Corrêa
Collaborators: Sumac

Type: Architecture
Location: New Orleans




The NO-01 house is located in the Broadmoor Neighborhood in New Orleans within a 30’ x 100’ foot lot with a North–South orientation. The project aims to provide a flexible space that can easily expand and contract as dictated by the user.

The house is divided into four major elements- the ambulatory space, the living spaces, the service wall, and the envelope.

The ambulatory space allows universal access to the living spaces, which are raised seven feet off the ground to mitigate flood damage. The service wall organizes all the spaces in the house, serving as the backbone to the programs. Finally the envelope filters light into the house and creates a visual identity to the house.