Invited Guests

Marfa Cubed

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Professor: Dan Wheeler

André Corrêa,
Daniel Karas,
Bob Profita

Title: Material Testing Pilgrimage
Site: Marfa, TX

In-situ render

In-situ render


This Building Science studio sought to explore the qualities of a given material as an expression of three randomly chosen adjectives.

The material assigned was CMU and the adjectives were heavy, loud and warm.

The team researched the material qualities and uses in historical and contemporary building.

Marfa, TX was also a subject of research- of particular interest were the local flora as well as the cultural phenomenon know as the Marfa lights- unexplained shimmers of light seen in the distant (seemingly empty) desert.

The team chose a custom block solution which allowed for local flora to be planted vertically on the block protrusions. In-filled between these blocks were acrylic glass sheets which served as a conductor to light.